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My dream is to make planet friendly handbags beautiful, romantic and the norm.

The more I learnt about materials, the harder it was to find a handbag that didn't contain plastic of some form, that could suit an adventurous and celebratory lifestyle with friends, or match fashion needs without compromising on ethics.

During 2020 I spent my days researching materials around the world that were kind to the earth and to their makers, that would be long lasting and would allow me to create my dream designs. By the end of 2020 I've finally designed handbags with materials locally sourced in Australia, that are handmade by me and I am proud to say use zero plastic. No PU, acrylic, plastic wires, zero.

I want you to be reassured that whenever you carry our handbags, you know that the materials are chosen with the planet first in mind, so you can live peacefully aligned with your morals.

Our designs are constantly inspired by dreamy places, both in real life and in our imaginations, where flowers bloom, where the water is crystal blue and everything is possible. Wear them to celebrate life with friends, to go on adventures, and to experience life to the fullest. I hope they bring you as much joy, and contribute to your life as positively as they can.


Sending you love,

Eliza, Founder


Eliza Wong | Founder of Flames Of Dreamers